API Notes: LaunchServices subframework of the CoreServices framework

The full API is described in Apple’s documentation, both the C and Objective-C APIs are available (but see the API Notes below).

These bindings are accessed through the CoreServices package (that is, import CoreServices).


The LaunchServices bindings are fairly new and are not yet fully complete, there are likely problems with these bindings that are not described in this file.

API Notes

  • LSSharedFileListSetAuthorization

    Not supported at the moment because the Authorization framweork isn’t properly wrapped yet.

  • LSLaunchFSRefSpec, LSLaunchURLSpec

    These types aren’t supported in this version.

  • LSOpenApplication

    This function is not yet supported. The bridge itself isn’t smart enough yet to process the first argument without a manual wrapper.

  • LSOpenItemsWithRole, LSOpenURLsWithRole

    The inAEParam and inAppParams must be None.

  • LSOpenFromRefSpec, LSOpenFromURLSpec

    This functions are not yet supported and need manual wrappers.