API Notes: SceneKit framework

The full API is described in Apple’s documentation, both the C and Objective-C APIs are available (but see the API Notes below).

These bindings are accessed through the SceneKit package (that is, import SceneKit).

API Notes

The full API for the SceneKit framework is available from Python, except for methods that have a vector_float3 or vector_float4 as one of their arguments or as a return value (those require changes to PyObjC’s core bridge).

This means SCNVector3ToFloat3 and SCNVector3FromFloat3 are not available from Python.

The type “SCNVector3FromGLKVector3” is also not available at the moment.


This framework is only available on macOS 10.8 and later.

  • SCNErrorDomain

    This variable is documented to exist on OSX 10.10, but isn’t actually available there.