PyObjCTools.AppHelper – Work with AppKit

This module exports functions that are useful when working with the AppKit framework (or more generally, run loops).

PyObjCTools.AppHelper.callAfter(func, *args, **kwargs)

Call a function on the main thread. Returns immediately.

PyObjCTools.AppHelper.callLater(delay, func, *args, **kwargs)

Call a function on the main thread after a delay. Returns immediately.


Convert a method to a form that is suitable to use as the delegate callback for sheet methods.

Return type:



Stops the event loop (if started by runConsoleEventLoop()) or sends the NSApplication a terminate: message.

PyObjCTools.AppHelper.runConsoleEventLoop(argv=None, installInterrupt=False, mode=NSDefaultRunLoopMode, maxTimeout=3.0)

Run a NSRunLoop in a stoppable way (with stopEventLoop). The maximum delay between a call to stopEventLoop() and actually stopping the runloop is maxTimeout seconds.

PyObjCTools.AppHelper.runEventLoop(argv=None, unexpectedErrorAlert=unexpectedErrorAlert, installInterrupt=None, pdb=None, main=NSApplicationMain)

Run the event loop using NSApplicationMain and ask the user if we should continue if an exception is caught.

This function doesn’t return unless it throws an exception.