PyObjCTools.MachSignals – signal handling in a CFRunLoop

Substitute for the signal module when using a CFRunLoop.

This module is generally only used to support:


A mach port is opened and registered to the CFRunLoop. When a signal occurs the signal number is sent in a mach message to the CFRunLoop. The handler then causes Python code to get executed.

In other words, Python’s signal handling code does not wake reliably when not running Python code, but this does.

Return the signal handler for signal ``signum``. Returns ``None`` when
there is no signal handler for the signal.
PyObjCTools.MachSignals.signal(signum, handler)
Install a new signal handler for *signum*.

Returns the old signal handler, or None when there is no previous handler.

The handler should be a function that has exactly one argument, the signal number.