Adds WWDC 2007 to the 'Work' calendar

import textwrap

from CalendarStore import CalCalendarStore, CalEvent
from Foundation import NSURL, NSDate

store = CalCalendarStore.defaultCalendarStore()
for cal in store.calendars():
    if cal._.title == "Work":
        event = CalEvent.event()
        event._.calendar = cal
        event._.title = "WWDC 2009"
        event._.notes = textwrap.dedent(
                This June, the center of the Mac universe will be at Moscone
                West in downtown San Francisco, as developers and IT
                professionals from around the globe come together for the
                Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

                Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Apple engineers,
                get a firsthand look at the latest technology, and spend a
                week getting the kind of inspiration you won't find anywhere
        event._.url = NSURL.URLWithString_("")
        event._.location = "Moscone West, San Francisco, CA, USA"
        event._.isAllDay = True
        start = NSDate.dateWithString_("2009-06-8 00:00:00 +0600")
        stop = NSDate.dateWithString_("2009-06-12 23:59:59 +0600")
        event._.startDate = start
        event._.endDate = stop
        res, err = store.saveEvent_span_error_(event, 0, None)
        if not res:
            print("Adding WWDC failed", err.localizedDescription())

    print("Cannot find the right calendar")