API Notes: CoreGraphics framework

API Notes

  • See Context Managers for CoreGraphics for some extensions to the CoreGraphics API.

  • CGColorConversionInfoCreateFromList: This function requires a manual wrapper and is not yet supported.

  • CGColorConverterCreate: This function requires a manual wrapper and is not yet supported.

  • CGColorSpaceCreateWithPlatformColorSpace, CGColorSpaceCreateWithPlatformColorSpace.

    These functions are not supported.

  • The functions and data-types for parsing PDF documents (such as CGPDFStreamCreateWithStream) are for the most part unsupported at the moment. We have bindings for a subsection of the APIs, but haven’t those aren’t complete nor fully tested.

  • CGWaitForScreenUpdateRects, CGWaitForScreenRefreshRects

    This functions are not yet supported.

  • CGDataProviderCreate, CGDataProviderCreateDirectAccess

    These functions are not available when you build PyObjC on OSX 10.8, even when you run on earlier releases of OSX.

  • CGPathCreateWithRoundedRect, CGPathAddRoundedRect

    These functions will crash hard when the parameters are inconsistent, for example when the rounded corners don’t fit in the rectangle.

  • CGColorConversionInfoCreateFromList

    This function is not yet supported.

  • CGColorConversionInfoCreateFromListWithArguments

    This function is not supported. Use CGColorConversionInfoCreateFromList instead.