API Notes: DiscRecording framework

Apple documentation

The full API is described in Apple’s documentation, both the C and Objective-C APIs are available (but see the API Notes below).

These bindings are accessed through the DiscRecording package (that is, import DiscRecording).

API Notes

This framework exposes both a C API and an Objective-C API. The Objetive-C API is easier to use and should work without problems in Python. The C API is harder to use and requires some manual wrappers to use nicely from Python, those manual wrappers aren’t present at the moment.

DRFileProductionInfo, DRTrackProductionInfo

These types are not fully useful at the moment. The types require a manual wrapper that is not yet written.


The ‘refCon’ must be an integer. The ‘callbacks’ argument must be None.

Use context.register() if you want to store an arbitrary python object.


Changing the API to allow arbitrary python objects here is not possible as the function DRGetRefCon doesn’t return the callback info, and hence PyObjC cannot know how to bridge the result of that function back to python unless we treat is as an arbitrary ‘handle’.