API Notes: xpc library

Apple documentation

The full API is described in Apple’s documentation.

These bindings are accessed through the xpc package (that is, import xpc).

API Notes

The libraries exposes a number APIs in two variants: one that has a block as an argument, and one that has a function as an argument. Both can be used from Python, but in general the block version is more convenient to use.

This is a fairly low-level API and programming errors can result in hard crashes instead of exceptions or error returns.

All “C” strings in the API are represented as bytes objects in Python, not as normal (unicode) strings.

`xpc_retain`, `xpc_release`

These functions are not available.


Not available, use xpc_string_create_with_format instead.

SHMEM values

There is no clear mapping of “shmem” type objects to Python, although the APIs are available.